About the instructor

Hi I'm Carsten Emde

Originally an Archicad instructor in Switzerland, I moved to Sydney, Australia, and worked for the national Archicad reseller. During this time, I gave sales demonstrations, provided user support, and taught Archicad to customers. Hungry for a new challenge, I decided to freelance for many Archicad users, focusing on 3D Visualization, which has become my passion!

In addition to Archicad, I am an expert in 3D Studio Max, Vray, Corona, Cinerender, Photoshop, and of course, Twinmotion, which I have been using since its inception. I have over 20 years experience in architectural visualisation.

I believe in investing in skill development as to keep up with the latest information and technology. I have recently completed the vray course 5SRW. On my YouTube channel I share tips to help people like you succeed with their goals with visualisation.

I currently work in a highly respected 3D Animation Studio in Sydney, which specializes in architectural animation and renderings.